Friday, September 02, 2011

Luke Lately...

If you are reading this in Google Reader--Note that I'm just posting this because it's been a draft in my box since 9-2-11 and things have already changed enough to do another post!!

Let me tell you a few things that Luke is into lately, as a belated 3-year update post on him:
Luke lately...
  • is really really into dinosaurs.
  • likes to play with the big version & the small version of toys that he has...ex big puppy/little puppy, big alligator/little alligator, big pig/little pig...
  • really loves making his big alligator "eat" his little one.
  • He typically has a toy in each hand at all times--which is probably why he prefers his toys teeny tiny.
  • current favorite movies: ice age 1 & 2 (elephants and dinosaurs), Madagascar (animals), and he watches lots of other movies too.
  • singing along with movies--Tangled and Aladdin are his favorite sing-a-long movies.
  • Quoting movies ALL.THE.TIME.
  • Loves swimming and taking baths--which is good because he also loves
  • playing in the sand! My little 1/2 bath has sand all over the sink because that's where we wash his hands (multiple times a day) when he comes in!
  • loves giving kisses and hugs
  • says "Hug!!" when he wants to be picked up. (which is getting harder and harder as he gets bigger and bigger!)
  • loves getting kisses on his "owies" and currently asks to "pudda ban-daid onit"
  • loves crawling into our bed when he wakes up in the morning
  • he comes and find me and says "what-are-you-do-ing?" and i love it. When I ask him what he is doing on random occasions, he will say "I'm doing___" ex "I'm doing dinosaurs", or "I'm doing sandbox". It's kinda cute.

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