Friday, August 19, 2011

Steve & Heidi's Wedding

{Pics from the photographers can be seen at this link}

Our second wedding for the summer!

We're so happy for my little brother Steve and his new wife, Heidi.
They were sealed in the Mt Timpanogos Temple on August 12, 2011 and then we had a luncheon and reception at Sleepy Ridge. The sealing was one of the best I've ever been to, and Steve & Heidi are truly happy to be together forever.
Husband + Wife
Greg & Jen waiting for the bride & groom to come out of the Temple
Steve and our mom

Steve and his best friend/best man Tyler who got married a week later!
Back of Heidi's dress
The front + awesome pink shoes!
Later I found out she was wearing hot pink converse shoes for standing in line at the reception!Parents

"Friends" picture, Heidi's bridesmaids on the left,
and Steve's best man, Tyler and his fiance on the right
Steve and Heidi stood in their receiving line from 6:30 to 8:30 and then cut the cake, threw the bouquet and had their special dances and then were sent off on their honeymoon with a sparkler send-off.

The flowers
The cake
Luke eating cake without hands, who needs hands when you have your mouth??
Hiding under the table...3 yr olds get bored during wedding receptions ;)
The groomsmenJen & Greg and their 3 darling boys, and baby girl
We took a lot of pictures at the reception because we were pretty bored waiting for Steve & Heidi to ditch the line (which they never did) and actually do some reception-y type things.


I told you 3 yr olds get bored.
Daddy's & the 3 yr olds
Cutting the cake!
Typical Steve

First Dance

Steven & Heidi left with a sparkler send off
(which we missed due to the fact that our 3 yr old needed to get home!)
The End!!

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  1. YEA!!! Cool. Love the bright colors on everyone and how they were all different, like your family was orange and Jenn's was purple and the bridal party wore pink. Whew, 2 hours is a super long time to wait in line. Yikes! I think it's so cool that Luke will wear a suit. What a good boy.


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