Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Little Fish

Ever since we took Luke to Payson Pool for a Summer Work party, Luke has loved the water.  He was terrified for a good while, but we got him warmed up to it pretty fast.  Payson Pool is really cool too—lazy river, big & kiddie sized slides, fountains and a big water bucket that fills up and then dumps. 

Anyway, after that,  I knew I had to get him his own little pool so I did and he loves it. He’ll spend over an hour and a half (sometimes 2+) in there just splashing and going down the slide.  So worth 10 bucks.DSC_1142-2DSC_1151-2DSC_1160-2DSC_1167-2


My view from inside –when it gets too hot to be out there to watch him I come inside and turn the chair around so I can watch him in the A/C!!DSC_1188-2DSC_1227-2DSC_1201-2Pure JoyDSC_1195-2

DSC_1213-2He’s my happy little fish!! {or shark, or turtle, or Nemo…as he tells me he is when he’s swimming}

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  1. Such a cutie! Love you special spot inside the house. ;) I liked the splash picture you were telling me about. DOes seem like money well spent.


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