Friday, August 26, 2011

the many faces of puddin’

{These pictures were taken Aug 5th, the second photo shoot I tried with my new camera}

Such a little goofball.  Always making faces, I love his cheesy smile.  I was just thinking back too (mostly in wondering why his hair looked like this that day), and I remembered this was the day he refused to get out of the pool after over 2 hours, so I bribed him with chocolate pudding!  Works like a charm every time!


{at this point I turned off the flash.  that’s why they look so grainy.  I still like them anyway—mostly because of my little cheeseball"}DSC_0172-2DSC_0173-2DSC_0175-2DSC_0176-2DSC_0178-2DSC_0181-2DSC_0184-2

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