Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wedding {California Continued}

While we planned to go to Disneyland and a couple other California stops, our main reason for going was to see Scott’s younger sister, Darcy, get married!  So here’s all the pictures from that! (minus the professional shots, we don’t have any of those yet, these are all from Scott’s dad’s camera or mine)

Pre-wedding family shots.  Not the best, Luke wouldn’t cooperate.


Unfortunately our favorite came out blurry :(


And then of course Luke wouldn’t look at the camera anymore {roll eyes}


More pre-wedding pictures

Bride + Maid of Honor (Alison, her younger sis)


Bride + bridesmaids


The Brown grandkids minus baby jacob


Darcy & her parents


Darcy with all the Brown Family guys


Playing with grandpa’s face,


Cousins (only 2 weeks apart)


The Bishop & Kenny waiting for things to start





The Reception, (The wedding & reception were both held at the Friendly Hills Country Club)

Our Table






The Cake


love this candid shot of us


Luke was AWESOME for the whole night, but after 9:45 he was pooped.  By 10 he pretty much was a zombie.


We have tons of pictures that I didn’t even put up, but you get the gist.  If you want to see some of the photographers shots, you can go to his preview on his blog (click here to see them


  1. Katie-your dress is adorable! I absolutely love it-you look great!

  2. I was going to ask where did you buy it! I love you dress.
    Julia from germany ;-)

  3. thanks! My dress I bought from JcPenney, I tried finding it online but didn't see it anywhere. It's American Living brand.

  4. I love your dress. Seems like lots of people did too. You look beautiful and so it your family! Love you, girl!

  5. And the bridesmaid dresses are quite pretty as well. Looks like something you could wear again.


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