Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pin It

You may or may not have heard about the wild-spreading website called Pinterest.
It's pretty much the best thing ever invented.
It's perfect for a addict-bookmarker like me.

You see before Pinterest came into my life, I had hundreds of bookmarks. I'm constantly finding inspiration and photos of things I love or ideas for my house and my bookmarks were getting out of control. I would have thousands, but my hubby blew them away more than once on accident (many tears were shed).
The problem with browser bookmarks, however, is that you only get text. I would hardly ever go back to look at them and it was impossible to try and find a specific one. It's often hard to tell what a bookmark is without actually clicking on it and following the link (where you inevitably go "oh yeah!")

Another problem with bookmarks? If you bookmark a link from an online store, for example a pillow you wanted to try and make yourself...if the link expires or the item becomes no longer available, you lose that bookmark or that idea. Pinterest will still maintain the picture, even if the link no longer works in the future, so your idea is not lost.

Love Pinterest.

Instead of folders for bookmarks, you create boards.
Each board can be whatever you want--food, home inspiration, books, great websites, ideas for kids...the list goes on and on and on.
Next you "pin" your bookmarks.
Find a great craft? Just Pin it.
You click the "Pin It"button that they give you to put on your browser toolbar, and then it lets you select a picture that will be posted onto your board. The actual pin will link to the website that you pinned it from.

Then later, when you are browsing your Craft Board on Pinterest, you will see the picture instead of just a link or text. The boards are so fun to look at and are instant Inspiration Boards boosting your creativity.

I've found that this is especially awesome for collecting recipes. Honesty, don't we just care if it looks good anyway? You can browse through your pins and find something that looks good just by looking at all your pinned pictures on your "Recipes" board (or in my case my "Delish" board.

best thing ever.

If you are already on Pinterest, you can check out my boards here (http://pinterest.com/kdbsmiles/) You have to be invited, or just wait a few days/week (i don't remember) after you "apply" and they will let you on.

I am not being compensated in anyway for this post, all opinions are 100% my own. I just plain love Pinterest and think you should too.


  1. Yup, I definitely thought of you and all your bookmarks when I was first introduced to pintrest :) happy pinning!

  2. Ah man.... here I thought I wasn't going to jump on the pinterest bandwagon, but now that I've actually heard what it was... I think I likey. Most of what I like to bookmark is actually text, but this looks useful for the occasional picture that inspires me... hmm... not sure whether to thank you or curse you ;)


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