Thursday, June 30, 2011


Tuesday (June 6th), Scott’s parents were flying in pretty early to California, so we had them drive and meet us at the L.A. Zoo.  I was expecting a smaller zoo, especially since CA has the San Diego Zoo which is pretty big and talked about more.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this zoo was huge too!



The LA Zoo has a petting zoo section where the kids can go in and pet goats and sheep.  Luke was a little unsure sometimes, but mostly he liked petting them and they were soft.  He liked the sheep, I think the goats were too big for him. 


These lizard things were Luke’s favorite.  Here’s their real name:P1120918They came right up to the window and walked back and forth. P1120903One even gave Luke a high-five. {I was cursing the stupid golf cart reflection in the window ruining my awesome picture!}P1120906


Luke plays “get the hat” with Grandpa.  He loves playing with Grandpa BrownP1120925

“zebras!”  (somewhere along our animal learning Luke started mixing up zebras and giraffes.  He used to know them too.  oh well)P1120930

After 2 days of Disney, all Luke really wanted/needed was a playground.  The zoo had one!  He played on there for a long while.  He liked this hippo that was there, too.P1120935

Luke’s favorite: Elephants :)P1120939

too bad we never could get a decent view of them the whole day!P1120940

Luke enjoyed it for most of the day, but we didn’t see everything in the park because he was pretty much done by noon. So we left and found a Red Robin for lunch. We met up with the rest of Scott’s family that flew in that evening and had dinner with everyone and played games afterwards.

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