Thursday, June 09, 2011

June = busy busy's June! Yay!
I haven't blogged since May 24, but for good reason!
I've been sooooo busy!!

All the things that have kept me away from Blogland:
Scott's Birthday
My Birthday
Working endlessly on trying to finish product for Lehi Round-Up booths!
Getting ready for vacation in California!
GOING on vacation in California!
Currently STILL on vacation in California!!
and when I get back on Sunday, I will have a lot to do too!
Visit my sister's new baby girl, Mara,
and a LOT MORE making product and getting ready for Lehi Round-Up Booths

But just think, I will have sooo many good posts to put up soon!
Can't wait to put up the awesome pictures of Luke freaking out about meeting Winnie the Pooh (even though he was SOOO excited...up to the second he got up there) Disneyland has been super fun for all of us. Tomorrow we have the wedding (Scott's younger sister) and we are hoping to get more great family pictures that I will be able to put up on here!

Phew, though, I am wiped. I am loving this vacation, but it is wearing me out! Time for bed!

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