Thursday, June 30, 2011

California Vacation Part 5: 3rd Day of Disneyland

Here we go again!

This time we had the rest of Scott’s family with us. Naturally that meant Scott left with his brothers and sisters to go ride the grown-up rides :)

The Carousel, again


Small World, loved it a lot better this second time he went. P1130040

We went on the Winnie the Pooh ride twice more, then I waited in line for Luke to see Pooh and Tigger in person. Scott joined us just in time! I wouldn't have been able to capture all these awesome pictures if he hadn't come! He was so excited when we were standing in line…but this succession of pictures will show you how he really felt about meeting Pooh!!

“No way I’m staying here!!” “Runaway!!”


“Don’t let him touch me!!”


Pooh is laughing, which I thought was really funny.P1130051“Ahhhh!!!”


Tigger is like “I thought everyone loved me!?”P1130062

Luke’s like “No way dude, you are going to eat me!”P1130063P1130071P1130073

We joined Amy and her boys and took them all to Toon Town where they could run around and explore Mickey’s house and Goofy’s house, etc. It was a perfect break from the stroller and line-waiting.P1130088-2P1130095P1130094



“in da pumpkin”


I am pretty sure Luke loved everything about Disneyland, which as his mom, makes me pretty dang happy.


{end of part 5"}

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  1. Oh memories. Kids scared of characters. Did you spot the Disney Characters on Small World? We went on that a few times to catch them all. I'm so glad he had so much fun. Let's start 'em young to love Disney. Although, you started him even younger than that when you took him to Disney World as an infant!


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