Thursday, June 30, 2011

California Vacation Part 4: Griffith Park

Wednesday night we had the wedding’s rehearsal dinner, so we drove to Griffith Park for kind of a half-day of activities. 

There was a little train ride.  For some reason Luke was really nervous…you’d think after all those Disney rides this train would be nothin…maybe the thought he was leaving me because I didn’t go?P1120942P1120962

Sitting behind them is Scott’s older brother, Kevin and his son Alexander who is only 2 weeks younger than Luke.


The highlight of the day was the $3 pony rides.  Luke first went on a ‘walking only’ horse.  After we saw that he loved it, we put him on again, but this time on the “medium” trotting horse.  He was laughing so much as the horse bounced him up and down.  So worth 6 bucks.


the horses knew right where to go and when.  very trained.P1120974P1120979P1120981

{I had a video of the “slow” horse, but it wouldn’t upload}P1120991

After pony rides, we met up with Scott’s other brother Jeff & his family at the Griffith Observatory.  It was way up on a hill (it’s a planetarium) we saw the planetarium show and then went outside and took some pictures in front of the Hollywood letters which you could see perfectly except for the fact that it was really foggy & cloudy so we didn’t get a clear shot.

{Luke pretending to sleep}P1130003


Luke was NOT very cooperative for our family shot.  and he’s asking like it was super bright, but it wasn’t.  The Hollywood letters are itty bitty left of Scott in the picture.P1130007-2

We drove to an Arby’s for a quick lunch and we were driving in downtown Hollywood, which was kinda fun because we' hadn’t planned on going there on our trip.


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  1. So glad you got the pony ride on video. His little head bouncing while he laughed is so priceless!


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