Tuesday, June 28, 2011

California Part 1

I'm Back!
And I've missed blogging so much!
The Lehi Round-Up Boutique is over which means my house is finally clean and things are starting to get back to a normal schedule! Yay! June has whipped by!
I have lots of people anxious to see my pictures from our week-long vacation to California so I'm starting with that!  We had a BLAST!
{Warning: Picture Overload!}
{because I seriously have like over 800 pictures from this vacation!! It's going to be so hard to narrow it down because we had so many fun moments on our trip!}


We left around 8 or 9 on June 4 (my birthday) and headed to Buena Park California where our hotel was.  We stopped at the Smash Burger in St George for lunch and let Luke run around for 15-20 minutes before we got back in the car and drove the rest of the way to California.  Scott drove all but 2 hours of the trip. 

Just chillin’, we’ve been in the car about an hour.  P1120576

This was before he managed to throw up his breakfast in almost the exact same spot he threw up on the last car trip we took in March.  I was slightly more prepared this time, and it wasn’t as bad as it was that time, but it still was a pain to have to pull over and change his clothes. 

Luke was happiest when watching movies. Fortunately though, we only needed to put in one on the way there!P1120590

Scott loves when I take pictures of him ; )  He especially loves when I actually post them : DP1120587

We made it to California at about 5 or 6pm, checked into our hotel and then grabbed some dinner.  We just chilled in the room and planned the next day out which was going to be at Disneyland.  We were super excited! The overall drive was deemed a sucky birthday by me, so I declared Sunday {June 5th} my real birthday and it was much much better.

Day 2: Disneyland!!! 

We first went on Peter Pan, and Luke really liked it.  We lucked out and didn’t wait longer than 5-15 minutes for anything we wanted to do until NOON on this day!  It was fabulous and we got so much done in the morning.




Of Course, Luke’s favorite ride was the carosel {a ride that can be found anywhere!}

He kept saying “riding the horseys”


When we headed over to Toon Town, Goofy was there! Surprisingly, Luke wasn’t scared of him, but he did just stare and stare at him. 


We’d been prepping Luke to meet Mickey Mouse for a week and a half prior to our trip. {along with dozens of disney movies so he would know who ALL the characters were}

The wait to see Mickey wasn’t too long, which was good because Luke totally FROZE in the hug that Mickey gave him.  He didn’t move an inch for an entire 2 minutes.  It was awesome. 


We were super lucky to run into BUZZ right after going on the Buzz Lightyear ride and buying Luke a little Buzz and Woody figurine set.  Luke is holding Woody in these pictures and Buzz is holding the Buzz figurine.


High-fiving Buzz Lightyear! Luke was loving every second.P1120668

We went outside the park and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday.  Then we took Luke back to the hotel where he took a nice long nap!  We got back to the park in time to find a good spot for the parade…which Luke also loved.  He recognized so many of the characters and it was really fun for him.P1120687P1120695

When Luke gets excited to see someone/something, he morphs into what we call “shy-puppy-dog mode”  He sticks out his tongue and pretends he is a puppy and tries to hide.  It was a sure sign he was excited about the beginnings of the parade.P1120702P1120708

There’s a crab following the mermaid float and it was kinda starting to freak Luke out—hence this picture. Maybe he thought it was going to eat him?P1120709

The best reaction, however, was after the Lion King float.


These tall guys on stilts were following and dancing behind the Lion King float…Luke didn’t notice them at first…P1120739

but once he did he was very disturbed!! It was hilarious!P1120740

Most of the parade was good for him and he enjoyed seeing all his favorite movie characters.  It made me feel less guilty for letting him watch so many movies in the last couple months!P1120757

Taking in the Parade



teacup fun

We ended the night with Buzz Lightyear {again} and Pirates of the Caribbean and then the Winnie the Pooh ride (twice in a row since there was NO line).  We learned that Luke soaks everything in the first time he sees it with little reaction and then he gets super excited the second time he does/see something.  So it was really good if we could go on a ride twice. 

Our first day in Disney was perfect! Tomorrow I will post our second day which we spent mostly in California Adventure.

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