Wednesday, June 29, 2011

California: Day 3-4

We spent Monday, our second day at Disneyland mostly at California Adventure.  We had 2 hours to spend in the main park before it opened though, so we hit up the carousel and a bunch of other rides again before heading over.

This carousel video was actually from Day 1, I just forgot to post it.

“riding the horseys”

As was this Buzz picture


This day didn’t actually go as well as the first day.  We didn’t have to wait hardly at all for anything on Day 1, but in Ca. Adventure (C.A.) we got nothing but long lines and waiting.  We headed to the Toy Story Mania ride first, but it was broken.  So then we went to get on the giant Ferris Wheel, which was a short line but we ended up waiting F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  And then to make us more irritated, when we finally got to the front of the line they put us with other people to fill up our cage.  We watched so many others go before us with just 3 or 2 and even just 1 lady went all by herself!  We were ticked.

We wrote off going to the newly done Mermaid ride because the line was so long it weaved in and out of the pier!  It was like a 2 hour line and even though that ride’s line moves quickly, that was way too long.  So we rode some of the smaller rides and then headed over to Bug’s Land. 

We met Mater and Lighting McQueen.  Luke Loved these guys and was really mad when we made him leave!P1120793

Bugs Land, bumper cars!


The ladybug from Bug’s Life.P1120837P1120844

We went on Heimlich's Chew Chew train, which made me giggle.

Then we took Luke to the 3D bug’s life show….unfortunately it freaked him out.  P1120850

We headed over to see the Aladdin show and they were doing a Monster’s Inc show in front of the theatre.  Luke loves Monster’s Inc!


We waited (again) for what seemed like forever to get into the theatre, and then even more waiting for the Aladdin show to start, but once it did Luke was way into it.  I thought they did a good job of shortening the movie to hit all the main points.  We especially liked the flying carpet.

After the show we jumped into line for the Monster’s Inc ride, a favorite. We did this one a lot on our 3rd day (later) because the line was super short.  What I love about Disney is all the details.  I snapped a picture of this sign while waiting in line for the ride:


We took Luke back for a nap at the hotel and came back to the park later. We were lucky to jump into the Mermaid line when it was only a 30 minute wait.  It was a quick moving line, so it didn’t seem that long.

However, we still hadn’t done Toy Story Mania, so we headed over there and ended up waiting over an hour.  It was torture.  The ride was really fun, one of my favorites, but it totally wore me out since I’d already stood in so many lines that day.

The interactive Mr Potato Head

We were heading out of the park, and there was only 20 minutes until the World of Color started, we happened to see a pretty good spot on the bridge, so we decided to stay.  It was freezing cold and we were lucky to have our jackets.  The show was awesome.  Luke watched the whole thing on Scott’s shoulders.  He was singing along to the songs which was making the people around us laugh.  We left right before it ended and missed potentially masses of people trying to exit the park.  As we were riding the tram back to our car the fireworks started, so we watched fireworks as we walked.  Perfect timing.


I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures this day, because we mostly spent it waiting in lines {not very eventful}.

We headed back the the hotel, Luke fell asleep in the car and we grabbed food to eat when we got back. {End of Disney Day 2, Trip Day 3}

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