Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trying to Grow Up & Leave Me Too Fast

Luke loves putting on his backpack that we use for trips.
He puts all sorts of toys in it and likes to zip it up.

This particular day, he asked for a hat and then promptly wanted to leave and go outside.

I told him no {it was cold} and he folded his arms all huffy and tried to leave anyway!

He got the garage door open {a recent discovery for him}
And then he started to go out, even turned around and said "Bye, Mommy!"
Then he realized how dark it was and said
"oo! Scarrrry!!" and came back inside.

I love this boy.


  1. That backpack is so cute! And he really is growing up, I'm sorry to say, but he's so big! Cute.

  2. So adorable, I love this boy too. All dressed up but no shoes. And so smart--he admits it's scarey and comes back.


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