Thursday, April 07, 2011

This Week and the Last Day for the Giveaway!

Enter Here for the giveaway, ends tonight at Midnight!

This week:

  • My dishwasher died. There appears to be no power or a fuse popped or it just plain died. We have no idea. We've only owned this house for less than 3 years and we don't know much about appliances. We don't know if we should drop a couple hundred on a repairmen (and chance it that it is dead for realz, or fix it temporarily only to have it die again later) or just buy a new dishwasher altogether. It's a big deal. Meanwhile...dishes are being washed my my two little hands. And I hate each and every dish.
  • Working on more hair accessories. Wishing I had a machine that cut felt like a Big Shot. Sadly my Cricut and felt do not get along.
  • Also working on more handmade cards. Getting addicted to STAMPS! My friend, Amber, has TONS of stamps and it makes me want to make a million cards!
  • Paint colors have been chosen! We are going to start painting the entire house. Yup. Starting with loft/desk area, then the dining room/hallways, and then the living room or our bedroom. I'm going to just start and then keep going and going and going! Because soon Spring and Summer will be upon us for good and I won't want to spend my days inside painting. Mostly though I'm sick of looking at my green dining room and wishing I didn't paint it green.
  • Don't forget to come back here tomorrow, I will be choosing a winner for the giveaway and it could be YOU!
Thanks for reading!

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