Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

The rain threatened to ruin our Easter Egg Hunt, but it turned out to be sunny just in time to hide 200 eggs and let the kids go wild finding them! Luke had a blast! This is the first year we really did an Egg Hunt with him.
Once he figured out what was inside, he had to open up every egg that he picked up and inspect it's contents!
We had a breakfast for our friends who came to the egg hunt and everything went perfect. Luke was so worn out he fell asleep on my lap in church!
Unfortunately, these are the best 2 pictures I got of him on Sunday. I'll have to try again, but he really hated being so dressed up.
Hope your Easter was Happy :)

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  1. Is that Luke's suit for the wedding too? It looks like Alexander and Jacob's but without the vest so I can't tell. They will be so cute all together! I can't wait for that trip!


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