Monday, March 21, 2011

Here's My Card

My box just came in the mail!
{ok really it came like 2 weeks ago}
Nothing is better than getting packages at the door!

A short while ago I designed and ordered business cards!
And a professional banner!
And this fantastic journal!

Ok, well not totally for free {except for the journal which was free}. I ended up using my own design for the banner and cards, but it was still only $5 for 500 business cards.
plus shipping {which was the major drag of the deal}
that is a LOT of cards by the way.
There is no way I will ever need that many for anything!

Besides the price.

They are AWESOME!

Here's my card...
{i've always wanted to say that! I can't wait to "give someone my card"!}
I love how it came out.

Someday I will have to get more business cards. I'm still trying to come up with a good shop name, so for now I just decided to promote my blog and give people a way to contact me. I've got my etsy shop under my trade name that I sign all my artwork with (kathleendiana) so I can really change up the shop's name whenever I want to. Right now it's just "Smile Like You Mean It, The Shop" which is a mouthful. But it is what it is until I come up with something better. Any ideas?

I also ordered a journal, using a design on the site made it free. This journal is for writing down ideas for products and notes for running our booths at boutiques, etc.

I also got a professional vinyl banner that just looks like this:
{didn't take a picture of the real thing, but it looks just like this--vinyl-ized}

Fun, yes? this was probably the best deal since it was just $5 to use my design and then shipping for all these products was about $10 total. This banner is perfect for putting up on a booth at a boutique. It's more of my motto than my actual shop name, but it will do for now.

Fun to get stuff in the mail! New exciting adventures ahead!


  1. Hey, that's fun. I started a business too (mostly for a school project, e-business, seo and all that). It's still very raw but check it out anyways.

    btw, on your next card you need a cool title. gives you instant credibility when you give someone your card. and you get to pick it out yourself.

  2. I LOVE mail! Well, mail I actually ordered, not junk mail. So fun! They really did turn out cute.


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