Sunday, March 20, 2011

the boy is a sleepin'

{edit: he never got sick! yay! Must have just been really tired!!}

Today Scott and I found Luke like this:

in our bed.

I was upstairs working on odds and ends and he was playing near me for a while. Then he went downstairs. I assumed he was with Scott.

Scott was downstairs, making calls and such. He apparently never saw Luke come downstairs and assumed he was still with me.

I finished working and since Luke was pretty quiet, I went downstairs to check on him. Only Scott didn't know where he was and neither did I!

Our bedroom door was closed {not a good sign with a 2 yr old}, and i went in expecting to see a big mess of tissues or something equally naughty. Instead I found Luke snoring away all tucked in our bed!!

We stumbled around on each other as we tried to go back out without him waking up. Luke never ever ever goes to bed without us telling him too. This is the first time he's fallen asleep in our bed too since he was a baby.

It's by far the cutest and most sad thing I've ever seen! Sad, because I know he is coming down with a bug. Cute, because he put himself to bed and he's snoring away!

Wish us luck for the rocky days ahead! Poor boy is coming down with a doozy!

{PS. I can try to scream as loud as I can and nothing comes out!! I still have no voice. feel sorry for me!!}

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  1. Oh, what a sweet boy! I hope you both feel better soon (like today!)


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