Thursday, February 10, 2011

Operation: Closets.

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been.

Well, let me tell you!

I’ve been really busy!

This week I’ve been emptying every closet upstairs and de-junking and reorganizing.  It’s been very messy, but the whole thing only took 2 1/2 full days! 

Why the sudden urge to organize?

Well besides the fact that I feel super stressed every time I open a messy closet...we are moving Luke into a bigger bedroom.  The room we are moving him into had been a catch-all/craft room for the last 2 1/2 years.  The closet was stuffed to the brim of all my crafting stuff & tons of fabric, pillows, artwork, unfinished projects, and a whole lotta S.T.U.F.F

Now that Luke will be taking over that room, he kind of needed the closet too.  So I needed to move all my s.t.u.f.f.

We are NOT lacking closets in this house.  It was just a matter of which one was going to be m.i.n.e.

We have 2 smaller closets leading into the upstairs bathroom, and a huge corner closet next to the guest bedroom.  One of the smaller closets was mostly empty boxes for electronics and a bunch of misc computer stuff.  I decided we could get rid of half the empty boxes and move all the rest over to the other smaller closet.  In order to do that, though I had to clean out THAT closet!! 

That’s right, in order to move craft stuff, I had to clean out TWO (but really 3) other closets to make it work.


So, first closet before:

P1110179 And After—>P1110189

Thus making this:

P1110178into this—>P1110181

nice and empty :)


Then I could move out all this (yikes!):


And put it into the empty one!!



Can you guess what my favorite thing to look at is??

Ahhhh, I L.O.V.E this!!


I had just the right nook-y space for this tall skinny shelf we had from our old Ikea entertainment center!


My friend Shelley came over and helped me fold ALL my fabric and sort it by color for these shelves!

Whatever didn’t fit went into this big red tub:



I also had a bunch of unfinished projects, materials and inventory to sell that won’t fit into this closet, so I had to organize the big corner closet for the excess.  This closet gets organized and cleaned out a lot, but here is the current before/after:

P1110164—> P1110187

Still a bit scary, but at least everything has a place and I know where to look :)

And now Luke has a closet in his future bedroom!

{notice the color on the walls? I’ll talk about that tomorrow}


Ahhhh, stress GONE. 

Now I LOVE looking in the closets! Especially at all those lovely layers of fabric!


  1. I totally love an organized closet. Whenever I start cleaning my room (or one of the boys' rooms) I always start with the closet. So good work. I like your organization of your fabric as well. Also something I would do. :)

  2. These look great!! I especially like the layered fabrics, so cute!
    I need to organize my closet, but I only have one so that makes it a little easier for me :)

  3. I love the clever use of the nook and the shelf. It's pretty, too! :)

  4. I love things organized by color! Looks so neat. I need to get off my tookus and do some similar organizing of my new crafty stuff. Awesome job!

  5. Fantastic job! I too love the "stress gone" feeling after organizing. But how can I keep my husband from messing everything up again?

  6. Looks great!! You are awesome at checking things off your list.


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