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The Year in Review: 2010

[warning: SUPER LONG POST]

I'm not going to lie, this year has been tough from start to finish. Fortunately, I don't remember any other year going by as fast as this one has. And, I have had my wonderful, loving husband right by my side through every trial and hardship this year. He is continually helping to push me through and lift me up, as well as helping me to become a better person. I've also had my adorable little boy, Luke whom has continued to make us laugh and cuddles with us every day. Even in the midst of trials, though, we still have found joy in the journey. We've had fun times this year and haven't lost hope that 2011 will be a better year for us.

  • I got addicted to digital scrapbooking and I started learning how to use Photoshop.
  • Scott's brother, Kevin, and Kevin's wife Amy and son, Alexander came to Utah to visit. Scott's dad came too and we spent a weekend skiing and went up to Grandma & Grandpa Brown's to snowmobile.
  • Luke went to Nursery for the first time and did pretty good!
  • Here is a link to Luke's 18mo post--he has grown leaps and bounds in language development since January.
  • Made my first set of headbands, a few for gifts.
  • Started thinkin about baby #2
  • I blogged for 28 Days straight. It was awesome. I have yet to blog every day for a month since, though I've come close a few months this year.
  • Started making Family Tree Art and got my first order from a friend.
  • Started going to the Stake's Women's Fitness classes on MWF. It was tough and kicked my trash.
  • Luke finally found a "lovey" or something to be attached to. It turned out to be his pillow (pa-bo) and he still loves it.
  • I broke one of my hard contacts in half. Since I loathed them anyway, I went to the eye doctor to start the process of switching back to soft contacts. (didn't finish the process til July because it takes a couple months for your eyes to adjust back into soft contacts after wearing hard ones for a year.
  • Scott installed surround sound in our living room
  • Scott surprised me big time this year. Every Valentine's Day he manages to surprise me.
  • Luke enjoyed playing in all the snow, until he got an ear infection. Scott took him to the doctor by himself since it was a Saturday--his first and only time doing that! Thanks, dear!
  • Joined a neighborhood card group and started learning how to use my Cricut!
  • Taught a basic sewing class for a RS Activity
  • My best friends, my college roommates were altogether for the first time since springtime of 2007. We spent Valentine's Day weekend hanging out and catching up! [pic: Left to Right: Melissa, Katie (me), Lauren, Nikki]
  • I joined a photography guild (club) in the neighborhood and started taking pictures for fun!
  • Painted the kitchen green!
  • I quit going to the Stake's Fitness class because Luke was getting too difficult to bring with me. (clingy), started working out on the elliptical at home instead.
  • I started working with to do promotions on my blog in exchange for free stuff & giveaways. FUN!
  • Finally put up a gallery wall for pictures in the living room!

  • We bought a new lawnmower
  • Flew to Pittsburgh with my sister for Time Out for Women. We met up with my mom, our Aunt Lynn and her daughter Megan, and our Grandma. It was a crazy short trip but really fun! And it is no coincidence that it was all about HOPE. I really needed to hear everything that was said, and looking back on it now, I really needed that little push of renewed hope in my life.
  • We built boxes for our square foot garden, painted them red.
  • watched a crazy hail storm
  • Caught Luke drawing on the walls (it's still on the walls too...7 months later)
  • Luke enjoyed his Easter and got a new giraffe from his Grandma Harris
  • Found a new fun site to turn photos into a little mini world with tilt shift maker

  • Finally had the Super Saturday activity for Relief Society and all the hard hard work was OVER! It was one of the best activities we've ever done though.
  • Scott turned 27 on the 27th--his Golden birthday!
  • Scott & I decided we need to do and see more things in UT, so we headed to the Tracy Aviary for a Saturday trip!
  • We were able to finish our Square Foot Garden that we worked on in April
  • I started my crafting obsession and learned how to make fabric flowers starting with some fabulous topiaries which i did with my friend Shelley. Little did I know that this one project would sprout into tons more and even doing a craft boutique with Shelley later in the summer!!
  • I got published in a magazine and won a prize!
  • Luke's vocabulary exploded since January.
  • Luke & I started walking to the park regularly
  • I turned 24 on the 4th. I made a pie, instead of a cake.
  • Luke continues to grow into a toddler more and more every day
  • Crafting is a full-fledged obsession now
  • Our garden is continually doing awesome. more pictures
  • Luke's 1st year digital scrapbook is FINISHED!!! I can't believe I finished it so fast! Click here to see ALL the pages
  • Yay! We're finally pregnant! Unfortunately I had never been so sick & knocked out!
  • Found myself on the couch groaning about how sick I felt all the time...
  • My parents came to visit (thank goodness I needed someone to play with my neglected child! Luke loved going on walks with Grandpa!)
  • Luke got super sick with a stomach virus and threw up more times in 4 days than he did in the 2 years we've had him!! (he'd only ever threw up once before this)
  • Luke turned 2 years old! We had a birthday party for him on his birthday (the 17th) with a Sesame Street theme and I made him tons of fantastic decorations with my cricut! Scott helped decorate an awesome Elmo cake! He loved it all.
  • Scott & I celebrated our 3rd Wedding anniversary on the 28th.
  • Shelley and I get together throughout the month to work on crafts for our Boutique in August.
  • Had the first Ruffled Rooster Boutique outside on our driveway. We did really good and sold a lot of stuff! Now we sell online, but soon I'll be moving to Etsy or Big Cartel.
  • Started seeing big results from our garden and picked lots of veggies!
  • Had our 12 week ultrasound for baby #2, and officially announced our pregnancy
  • I went to the morning sessions of Education Week at BYU. I loved being back on campus and wish I'd had a way to do full day sessions like my mother-in-law who went too.
  • I joined my mother-in-law & sister-in-law for a trip to Las Vegas, while our husbands hiked the Grand Canyon, rim to rim. It was a crazy big trip and we had so much fun!

  • We took Luke to the Zoo. We waited for a day after the summer so it wouldn't be boiling, and we went early so that it wouldn't be too crowded. It was perfect...except that Luke wasn't as excited for the animals as we were hoping. Though he did love his elephants.
  • We went to The Bean Museaum at BYU. It was my nephew, Jack's, 5th birthday and they did a live reptile show for him. Luke loved the huge animals in the middle.
  • We joined Scott's parents, and all his siblings in the area (Ali & Anthony, Derek, Darcy & Kenny) and went up to the Grand Tetons. We had a house there in Teton Village and it was one of the best weekend trips we've had, despite the flat tire on labor day which made for a really long trip home. (we had to drive to Idaho Falls to get new tires.) I especially enjoyed seeing a moose.
  • Luke and I continued to enjoy many walks and time outside while the weather was still nice and toasty.

  • We bought a new grill
  • We dressed Luke up as the cutest cowboy on the planet.
  • We dropped Dish Network and started solely using our Antennae in the attic with the TV tuners/DVR on the computer for our TV. Can't say I'm completely sold on the idea yet. There's lots of bugs that drive me bonkers sometimes
  • I made lots of Halloween projects and even more just trying to keep busy & keep my mind occupied with other things.
  • Our lives were turned upside down at our 20 week ultrasound. We found out our baby girl had Anencephaly, and we induced labor on October 21st. Rachel's funeral was on the 25th.
  • I painted the front door red
  • I let Luke play in blue paint and I got his handprints
  • Luke had his worst fall ever. He faceplanted the driveway on our way to go vote. He scrapped up the entire right side of his face.
  • I cut my own bangs
  • I documented many of Luke's quirks & accomplishments at 28 months
  • I made an awesome Thanksgiving dinner all by myself for a bunch of boys. (hubby, hubby's brother, Derek, my brother, Steve, and Luke who didn't eat anything but rolls.)

  • I'm really good at Photoshop now, after a year of using it, and I was hired to make blogger headers and also to makeover a friend's business flier.
  • Scott and I built and awesome huge snowman right before Christmas
  • We went on the Stringtown USA railroad, on the Polar Express, and Luke sat on Santa's lap. He didn't cry, but he wasn't really happy about it.
  • I made really cute neighbor gifts
  • I decorated the house for Christmas and Scott and I got a nice big tree this year.
  • I struggled through a couple difficult weeks, but have had a lot of support from really good friends.
  • Scott got an XBOX kinect for Christmas and we've enjoyed playing around with it.
  • Luke has enjoyed all of his new toys and spends a lot of time upstairs playing with them.

I obviously can't write down everything, but I'm glad to finally get this documented. Doing this had helped me to see all the good that has come from a difficult year. Sometimes it's hard to see the Lords hand in our lives until we write it all out like this. We've been very blessed this year even amidst the difficult days.

Cheers to a better year in 2011!

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  1. Very Much Enjoyed your write up. Keep up the good work for 2011 and it will evern go faster and be better!


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