Monday, January 24, 2011

Personalized Credit Cards for Kids

This tutorial uses a website called Picnik to create your own.  That site has been shut down, but there are similar sites that follow the same outline--try instead!

I love the idea of having a play credit card and drivers license for Luke!
So I made some for his new wallet!

Here's some I've made for Luke:

Now lets make yours!
First, there are a few ways to do this.

I am a Photoshop fanatic, so I made mine in Photoshop--using cool tricks like beveling the text & edges to make it look like a real credit card. I used digital scrapbooking paper for all my backgrounds (you can google 'free digital scrapbooking paper' and you'll find a million links). You can find the actual Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card logos on Google Images.

I know that most people don't have Photoshop, so you can do this at Picnik (which is FREE) and I'll show you how to use my card templates to make them personalized for your kids!

I found this great tutorial on How to Creat Your Own Printables using Picnik, via Ucreate. So if you'd like to do this using that program, you can read up on there and she explains how to use Picnik better than I have the patience to do here. So go read that and come back!

First, download any of these template cards that I've already made for you:
[click image, right click, "save image as" and save it somewhere you can find it easily]
Go to
Open up the jpeg of the credit card you just downloaded.
Click the "Create" tab at the top
Then click "text" at the top (part of the Create tab)
Enter in your child's name in the text box above all the font choices on the left.Choose your fonts from the sidebar of choices.
You can move, resize and choose a color for the name
Then, click on the Save & Share tab
Change the File name
Select JPG
Use the slider and select anywhere from an 8 to 10, since the image will be so small it won't really matter.

*Now you can make your own credit card entirely with this method too.
All you have to do it upload your chosen background image or digi-scrap paper and "RESIZE" it to about 1050x675 in picnik (it should come out to be about 3.5" wide x 2.25" tall (the size of your card)).
Then just enter in all the text yourself for the card using the above method. Using all the photo effects, various text fonts and Picnik's "stickers", you can make a pretty cute card by yourself.

This one I made in Picnik using just an jpeg that was just a 12x12 orange piece of digital scrapbook paper. I added a "frame" for the rounded edges and an "effect" for the darkened edges and then played around with text and added a "sticker" dollar sign symbol at the top.
Just use the credit cards & gift cards in your own wallet for inspiration!

That's it for that!
You've made a personalized card.
Now you can either print out just the one card on cardstock,
OR you can make a bunch of different ones and do these next steps:

Open Microsoft Word (or the equivalent on your computer)
Set the margins to .5" all around so you can print more on just one page.
Now "insert picture from a file"
find each of your credit cards and insert them all into Word, leaving a couple spaces between each card so you can cut them out later.
Like This:
PRINT on cardstock.

Next is the fun part. Laminating!

This is a cheap cost-effective way to laminate anything!
Clear Contact Paper.
It comes in a roll that is 12" wide & 36 feet long and only costs less than $6.
I found mine at Walmart, near the other shelf lining paper & organizing section of homewares.
It even says on there that it is good for laminating projects!

Take your printed sheet of credit cards and lay the whole thing on the sticky side of the contact paper.
Cut out a piece of contact paper for the front and the back. Peel off the backing, lay it flat on the table and put your printout on it. Then put the other piece on the back.
Cut off the edges and cut out each card

Put them in your wallet and you are done!
Your kids will love you!

I still plan on making some cards with mine & scott's pictures on them so Luke can have a little card with us on there. Since that is the reason he loves our wallets so much in the first place!

Drop me a comment if you liked this tutorial!


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if your blog gets a lot of hits around spring break from under-21 college kids.

  2. Loved it! Can't wait to use it when my boy gets older. You are creative!! Now, you just need the Costco card.

  3. You really are freaking awesome

  4. So cute! My friend may use it for a back to the future party!!!

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  6. is there a different site to use since is no longer in use

  7. my little girl is getting a power wheel witch is exciting for her for I'm learing how to drive as well so she want all things for her car that I need for mine car tags, car title an registration an the driving permit an license, any ideas


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