Friday, January 21, 2011

Living Planet Aquarium

My parents just left from a weeklong trip staying here. While they were here they took Luke & I and my sister's 2 oldest boys, Charlie & Jack, to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy.

I loved it, and Luke loved it!

It's not a huge place, nothing like the Atlanta Aquarium which is gigantic, but it was super fun and just the right size for Luke & I to have some fun.

My favorite thing to watch were the Penguins! Seriously so fun to watch! I would ask Luke, "what does the Penguin say?" and he replies "wad-dle, wad-dle"
Love it.

The penguins would walk around and then just decide to dive in and swim around for us. They were so interactive and playful--I could have watched them all day!
[but i didn't get a single picture of the penguins!]

Luke loved seeing all the fishies,
especially the little cave aquarium with two little "nemos" in it.

Luke did NOT like sitting on the giant frog, he was scared to death of it!!


  1. We LOVE the aquarium! We have a pass so anytime you want to go, we are game!

  2. That was a really fun day.


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