Friday, December 17, 2010

where i've been.

I have definitely neglected this little blog of mine this month.

I have to say that while my house has been decorated since Thanksgiving, and I've been entirely done with Christmas shopping for days now, I'm still feeling pretty Grinch-y lately. Or maybe kind of like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree--->

I've been feeling pretty down and all the busyness of the month is just making it worse. There's no time to deal with these feelings when there are a million places to go and things to do. So I put on my best happy face and pretend everything is ok. But really, when you ask me how I'm doing and I say "great" or "fine"... I'm lying. Mostly because that's just a normal question to ask and most people either don't really have time to go into a lengthy discussion of how crummy you feel in the hallways at church, and they especially don't want to hear that you are feeling pretty crummy around Christmas.

I am excited for Christmas Morning, though. I put a lot of thought into my gifts this year and I know everyone will love what I got them. I'm especially excited for Luke to open his gifts this year. This is the first year he really understands presents and will love more than just the boxes & wrapping they come in!! In fact, I did such a good job, it may be hard to get him to move onto each new present after he's opened one because I know he will love them all!!

Anyway, this is all I've got to say right now, I may or may not blog tomorrow with pictures of my Christmas decor.

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  1. oh deary, i have to say, i know how you're feeling. although we are going through different things, i feel the same as you and am having quite a rough time. i'm lying when i say "i'm fine" too. it's hard to hold in all those feelings and pretend to be okay. just wanted you to're not alone. somehow we'll get through it though, till then...we'll just keep trucking along! merry christmas!


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