Thursday, November 04, 2010


Considering the first year and a half of Luke's life I plastered this blog with pictures of him, you are probably wondering why you don't see as many pictures of him on here anymore.

Well, remember last year's fall photo shoot?

It is much much worse these days!
most of them look like this:

He's a busy busy boy, always moving, talking, shaking his head as he walks around in circles around the ottoman, he rarely holds still even for just the 1 second it takes to snap a picture.

And forget smiling.

I tried teaching him to say "cheese" but he'll only say it if he feels like it. Most of the time he'll just tell me "NO" or "Nope" or "No way". When he does say it, I do get a "smile" for the camera, but usually he's talking or saying "bawk, bawk, bawk..." like a chicken a million times while I'm trying to take pictures.

Oh, Boy.
I was thinking though I need to take more pictures of Luke, because we still need to document his little life.

I promise to try harder :)


  1. I think that all kids hit that stage- But even the outtakes are fun and document this part of his little life :)

  2. He doesn't have to smile. Take pictures of what he's doing anyway. Sydney rarely smiles for pictures anymore, if I can even get her to look in my general direction. And that comment about walking circles around the ottoman got me laughing. Sydney "orbits" everything all day long.

  3. hahahaha! aren't little boys hilarious! i feel your pain. jack is the same way. that is usually why i bribe him w/ ice cream or treats if i want to get some good pics of him.

  4. I'm loving comparing last year's fall session to this year's. He is such a cute kid even if he is being grumpy. :-) We miss you guys!

  5. If it makes you feel better, which it may not, the photographer at JCPenny's told me it is common for 2 year olds to act that way. I think she was trying to comfort me as Anna, who usually does great when having her picture taken, was throwing a fit. I had to do a second appointment to get a half way decent picture and I went with tootsie rolls and bribed her the whole way through. Whatever works although now anytime I say picture she says candy. Hummm.


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