Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Halloween


This year was easy peasy (after we spent 2 months trying to think of something that is-for the longest time we were planning for Luke to be a dinosaur).

Scott had a bunch of Brazilian cowboy (gauchu) stuff from his mission. He decided to forgo the authentic gauchu pants because they were a big silly looking (think MC Hammer pants with boots.)

We borrowed the cute black hat and cowboy boots from my sister for Luke's costume. I got a little sheriff's badge from a friend and my mom got him this cute plaid shirt. What a stud!
I never did find boots, but I did find this shirt at Walmart (cute enough to wear any day, too) and this corduroy jacket from D.I. I stole Scott's hat for Saturday Trick-or Treating.
A $1 bandana from Walmart competed the look for all our outfits.
We roped up some good candy and at the office party where Scott works, and then also at Ward Trunk-or-Treat. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take trick-or-treating because it rained all afternoon, but it stopped at about 6:15! He was nervous at first and wanted me to hold him whenever we went up to a door, but eventually he was dancing around and was excited enough to take the candy out of the bowls and put it into his bucket. I got him to say Thank You a few times, but he wouldn't say trick-or-treat ("tick-twreet) or yee-haw in front of anyone but us.

I'm glad Halloween is over, because I was getting really tired of the decorations--time for new stuff!


  1. So cute! What a wonderful Halloween costume idea. That is so fun to dress up your family. Hopefully I'll get to do it someday. I LOVED the picture of Luke, the 2nd one down in that group of 4. He looks adorable!!!

  2. That's funny that he was scared to trick or treat. Now that he knows what it's all about, you won't have any trouble getting him to go ask for candy ;)


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