Saturday, November 06, 2010

Front Porch

I finished painting the front door red, and i L.O.V.E it!

Before Red:
[November 2009]
And now it's RED!
This was our front porch through October:

This is what it looks like so far for November:

I still will probably put ribbon around my pots, and more flowers in the the arrangements.

My friend, Shelley, and I made these awesome acorn wreaths (idea from here)
She collected a giant bucket of acorns and let me join the fun.

I was SO over my Halloween decor, yay for a new holiday!
Onward to Thanksgiving!
And you can definitely bet that I've been working on some new cute projects ;)


  1. Cute! Katie, you are so creative. Now when I come visit you again, I'll look for the house with the red door. Decorating is fun! Lucky for us we have one holiday right after another so we can put away old decorations and get ready for the new one!

  2. Hmmm.... our door is black and seriously needs to be repainted. Red is such a great color for a door. Also - LOVE the new fall decor with the colors near the branches! So cute!


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