Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One More Week!

Did you enter a guess for our babypool yet??

Actually I know you haven't! So get over there and guess!

Just type in skdbrown2 in the box for "invited guests" (no need to register to guess) It will take you to our game where you can type in all your guesses!

We go for our ultrasound October 5th at noon, so jump on it!


  1. I just entered a guess in your baby pool and then saw the chart and realized I guessed the same size as you did! haha... I was WAY off on all accounts when predicting Kenzie's size and arrival time so we're probably wrong!

  2. i guessed SHE will be born on valentine's day haha.

  3. Thanks everyone who's guessed so far--it really makes it that much more exciting for me!

  4. This is a great Idea; Luke is going to be so happy when his brother arrives and Mom will be too, you watch!

  5. I voted for a girl in hopes that we BOTH have a girl! And I find out 3 days after you!!


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