Monday, August 30, 2010

Catch Up

Laundry--working on it
Clean up clutter around main rooms--check

Clean up toys--check
Clean bathrooms--check
grocery shopping--check
Mint updated--check
Blog today---check

Still to do:

Edit Vacation Pictures

Post Vacation Pictures

Starting to get back in the swing of things after a couple of crazy weeks! We've had Scott's family here since the 15th, we had Education Week to go to and then our trips to Vegas and the Grand Canyon last week.
Luke has been sleeping in every day (til 10, til 9:30, til 8:30), though it's slowly getting closer to his normal wake up time of 7:30 as the days go on...I've enjoyed it, especially over the weekend.

We still have one more vacation planned--Friday we are driving up to the Grand Tetons to spend the weekend with Scott's family there. We're excited, but it will be nice to have no where to go for a long time once that trip is over.

I'm excited to start working on some new projects around here. Still in planning stages, but we will be rearranging bedrooms, moving the craft room, and going crazy with paint in the next couple months.

Anyway, back to work!
Tomorrow: Vegas Vacation Pictures!

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