Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Simple" Saturday

We've been planning a relief society Simple Saturday activity for the last two months and there really is nothing simple about it. Normally, Super Saturdays are like most of the day and they do twice as many crafts as we did, but ours was only from 9-12 and we only did 3 main crafts--hence the title "simple" saturday and not "super" saturday. We were there setting up and getting ready for the activity from 6-10 on Friday night.

We actually started out with some humanitarian and emergency preparedness stuff.
We have been collecting items for school kits and hygiene kits (see more about these here). Today we were finally able to put them altogether.
We also put together personal heaters. You take a quartsized paint can, put in a roll of TP, fill it up with rubbing alcohal. Then you tape a match and a penny to it on the outside. It's a clean burn so it never actually sets the TP on fire. (I can tell you more about these if you are interested in how to make them-just let me know!)
Our main craft was our FHE magnet boards. I didn't actually finish mine, and the ones we did at our activity looked slightly different--but here is the one we were going off of:These are the board kits all ready to go!
Our other main craft was interchangeable watch bands, they are big and chunky and super cute.
Not to mention super cheap--$5 per band. only $6 per watchface.

We also had a computer station set up to make these on Photoshop (it was a free craft):
It was fun but i am beyond glad it is over.

Random pictures of those attending:

The end.


  1. That sounds like a great day! How many kits did you put together? I had never heard of the personal heater can before and I am interested in learning more about it. We had done the Family Proclamation pictures a few years ago, but it was really hard to find photos the right size that could be cut and fit together (like a puzzle!) so I bet the Photoshop way makes it much easier. The FHE board and watch crafts were great ideas. I love it when you can go home with several things all finished and ready to enjoy. Nicely done, KD!

  2. Do you make those Proclamation frames? I want to do one so badly. Let me know-- thanks.
    Melene' (Jen's sister-in-law)


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