Monday, April 26, 2010

Pittsburgh: Part One

2 google images of Pittsburgh

I'm back from the lovely city of Pittsburgh, PA.

I love cities because of the beauty you can find in the unlikliest of places--
Old buildings painted lovely colors
or with awesome architectural details
Variations of brick colors and patterns, I love this wall we found

I love the fountains and the shady covered benches
Random spots of lovely like these trees:

In Pittsburgh, there are lots of lovely yellow painted bridges & old train bridges over the river.

At night, the city lights reflect upon the rippling water and it is beautiful. I didn't get a night-time shot of this, but I found these thanks to Google (although it's prettier in person):

It was a joy to stroll the streets on the way to lunch on Saturday.

We enjoyed the sunshine, especially since it was forcasted to rain all day. The weather was perfect and we walked about six blocks away from the conference center to a little pizza shop with a very expansive menu. It was called Giovanni's--they had everything from pizza to pasta to calzones, hoagies and wedgies (what a great name for a sandwich). It was perfect. On the walk back, we enjoyed the streets of Pittsburgh again and stopped for several photo ops.

--more later--

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  1. Katie, you're a great photographer! You captured some of the most beautiful things! And thank you SO MUCH for the tip and link for that bug spray stuff! We'll be getting some very very soon :)


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