Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another Year Over

a reflection on last year's goals:

Eat More Veggies--could still do better
Work Out 5 times a week--I did really good with this from May to August. I find it hard to get motivated to work out at home.
write more--I think I could still do better. I want to write in my journal more, and keep up with my blogging.
work on more projects--I'd say I get an A+ in this area. Last year I did LOTs of projects and this year I plan to do even more!
get photos organized--still have to update our SmugMug account, but all the pictures on the computer are organized.
make more artwork--check, goes along with the projects
get curtains up on the windows--I'm happy to say all the windows are covered with something except for the laundry room and craft room.
cook dinner more often--check! I make dinner at least 3-4 times a week! And scott cooks spaghetti every sunday for us.
try more recipes--check!
drink more water--nope. Need to do better.
be a better wife-- check! I've tried to pay attention to things that will make my hubby happy and try to do better at those things. I'm still trying to be less naggy and more spontaneous.
reach out--I made lots of new friends last year. We'd just moved in and i didn't really have any friends until about 5 months of being moved in--I blame having a young baby and the yucky cold weather. But Scott and I both made efforts to get to know people in our neighborhood. We have goals to do even more this year.
be "put together"---when i made this goal Luke was only 6 months and I still didin't feel like I got anything done in my days. I take a shower every day now, get dressed in something other than PJs, and check off several things on my do do list by 10 am every day and I actually cook dinner more than twice a week. I think that meets the qualifications I was looking for.
plant a garden--check! The tomatoes went crazy, zero bell peppers (sad day), lots of squash, we neglected the beans so we'll do better with these this year.
take more pictures---like I could take any more than i already do? Maybe i meant more of me and scott ;)

This year's Goals:

Eat 3 veggies a day
Drink 1 1/2 liter of water a day
Journal once a week
Blog 3-4 times a week
Complete at least 1 digital Scrapbook page a week
Stick to the budget
Learn to use more coupons & save more money
Food Storage
Go on a date once a month
Attend the temple at least once a month (we're doing pretty good about this, but I don't want to miss a single month this year!)
Plant a square foot garden (last year I just did a regular garden, this year I want to do some things differently)
run another 5k and improve time (36 minutes last summer)
Stop playing Facebook games.

I have a lot more things I want to accomplish this year (some not listed), I am utilizing my free time more wisely so there is more time to do all the things I want to do. Wish me luck for the next year!


  1. These are great goals!

    Gives me some motivation

  2. sounds like some great goals! I'm proud of you for gardening!! We did this year, too... no tomatoes or bell peppers :( but lots of spinach and carrots and onions and sugar snap peas. I'm glad you're going to do it again next year! I can't wait! :)


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