Friday, August 21, 2009

Melissa + Fernando = L.O.V.E

**ALL** of Melissa & Fernando's pictures that I took at their wedding, as well as the ones I took at her bridal shower and bachelorette party, can be found HERE

[Warning: LONG. But totally worth it]

I have a bazillion pictures from the wedding!! I took nearly 400 pictures! I weeded out just the best ones for blog purposes. But ALL the pictures I'm putting on SmugMug so you can get ANY of them you want from off of there. (i can tell you how if you need me to). That goes for pics from the shower and our bachelorette party too. I edited a lot of the pictures, but the originals will all be on Smugmug (and if they aren't it's because i "hid" them for my own purposes and reasons. As with all pics on here (click to enlarge and then right-click and select "save pic as" and then it's yours!) Be sure to steal them off of here and Smugmug and NOT facebook.

Bridal Shower---Monday August 17, 2009

Melissa's bridal shower was in Heber due to the fact she has a LOT of aunts, a grandma and a bunch of cousins who live there. Lauren, Holly, me and Thalia (Fernando's sister) were also there.
We had dinner and then played a few games and then watched Melissa open her presents. The first game was called the Bridal Book (Lauren's game) Each page told the reader to (for example) "Pass this book to the person with the pinkest shade of nails" Of course it was worded much cuter than that. Anyway there were little questions at the bottom that you had to answer before you passed it on--like what are 2 keys to any successful relationship? It was a cute book and there were lots of laughs--Melissa's aunts are hilarious.
For the second game (Thalia's game) Melissa had to answer questions about Fernando and each time she got it wrong she was handed a nice big piece of *sour* Bubbleyum. She did pretty good but she still had a nice big wad of yuck at the end.

Bachelorette Party--Wednesday August 19, 2009

Lauren & I planned this together. We started out by meeting at the dollar store in American Fork (because it's close to my house). I made little 'lists' for each girl who came--it ended up just being Melissa, Lauren, Holly and me! It was fun because it was like old times. Then we searched for the things on the list--which were items for a Wedding Day emergency kit!! Fun, yeah? We got a lot of things we needed but had to head next door to Target to finish off the lists.
We then came back to my house and took everything out of its packaging and put it all in Melissa's little bag. We then ate Cherry Cheesecake pie and drank sparkling cider (after a wonderful toast given by Lauren--maybe Lauren will be kind enough to rewrite part of her toast on here because I can't remember anything exept the "where is the wisdom" part ;)
We then played the "What If" game which definitely brought some laughs and then we played Apples to Apples.
It was a great little party and we were sure to scuttle off the Bride to be out of there shortly after 10.

The Big Day!---August 20, 2009

It was a beautiful sealing, one of the longest ones I have ever attended, but still beautiful and wonderful. The sealer translated a lot of it into Spanish for Fernando's parents and friends who spoke it. Melissa and Fernando were sealed twice--first in English and then in Spanish. The best part was that after they were allowed to kiss over the alter, the sealer asked if they would like to kiss again in Spanish :) everyone laughed--it was perfect. Fernando's face glowed with happiness when they came in--you could tell he was extremely ready and excited that the day had finally come.

I sure hope Melissa doesn't read this before they open their presents! I got her the mixing bowls she wanted and a little thumb-push cookie scoop. I also framed this "Recipe for a Happy Marriage" and gave it to them.

Scott & Katie

The Bridal bouquet

The Bridesmaids' bouquet

Coming out of the Temple (it took a long time!)

He twirled her

Lots of this, of course!

Every possible combo was taken. I like this one

the "friends"

the furthest they were apart all day :)

...they took more, but I had to leave and go home sadly.


They wore aprons that said Bride and Groom on them so they wouldn't spill :)
They also went around and served everyone the pie (we had pie not cake).

enjoying it.

We watched a slideshow

Luke entertained himself by pushing his stroller.

Cutting the cake (this cake was made just for this purpose because we had PIE :)

Fernando fed her first--he was nice.

Then Melissa fed Fernando...

but then wiped some on his nose...

So he wiped some onto her nose! All so stinkin cute of course

The bouquet toss---notice the little girl in the light blue in the middle (on the right of Lauren) Doesn't she look like she's praying to catch it! Well she did!!

He used his teeth!! Scandalous!

The guy in gray totally jumped for it!! He got it--well deserved!

They danced and danced

There were other things too--like all of Melissa's family sang them a little song, there was the traditional daddy-daughter dance, and a special Latin dance also and Fernando danced with his mom and Melissa danced to it with his dad.

The wedding favors--there were a few different color combos to choose from

Oh and instead of a guest book to sign, there were little questions cards for the guests to answer. Mine asked how I knew the bride or groom and what was one of my favorite memories with them. I liked that idea

And lastly, one of me, Melissa & Lauren

Overall, a great wedding. Congratulations!!


  1. what sweet pictures. i'm glad the day was wonderful for them! :)

  2. She is so beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures!


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