Saturday, November 01, 2008

Our HaLLoWeeN

Was pretty bout yours?

Seriously, the morning of Halloween, we decided to dress up as doctors for our costumes. So before Scott went to work ,we dropped by at the Total Scrubs store in our town and bought scrubs to be doctors! Scott opted for a bloody doctor look and I stayed clean.

We were supposed to decorate Scott's office for his work party. We put up orange spiderwebs on his window and I made this creepy sign. I also made our candy bowl "poison". We tried to turn the lights out but the motion sensor wasn't being fooled by the plastic cup we taped over it

We bandaged up Luke too, he had a "cast" on his arm, his leg and a big bandaid on his other arm. He was our little patient.

Luke is a great actor for this picture

We didn't have as many trick or treatr's as I anticipated, but enough for the fun experience of handing out candy. We are pretty lame though--we didn't even have any pumpkins on our porch. Oh well. Happy Halloween!

Only 53 days until Christmas!

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  1. cute family :) we were pretty lame this halloween as well. ha!


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