Monday, January 21, 2008

A NiCe LonG WeeKeNd.

This past weekend: I LOVE long weekends. There's just such a nice feeling that comes on a Sunday night when you know you don't have to go anywhere the next day. I hate the icky dread of going back to school and work--especially on my Sunday night.

--Friday night, Scott thought it would be nice to go to the temple. I agreed, so we did! It was the first time since I've been married--first time doing it proxy. We now have a goal to try and go at least once a month. Friday nights are insane though, we waited a really long time in the chapel before going in. But it was still really good. We ran into some friends who are temple workers.
--We stopped to get ice cream cones from McDonalds, but fate would have it that their "machine is broken" yeah, sure. :P Don't mess with a pregnant lady's cravings. Luckily we had chocolate ice cream at home, but it just didn't quite hit the spot.

--Saturday we lazed around all morning, Scott made some pancakes (he's a good breakfast maker) and he went to campus around noon. I stayed home--feeling anti-going anywhere--and did some work at home, watched TV, did laundry, and did a work out video that kicked my trash. I'm trying to keep it simple though and get in as much exercise as I can for my baby's sake. Wow that is weird to say sometimes. I've been eating really good though, trying to eat lots of dairy foods because babies suck all the calcium right out of you. My sister told me after she had one of her babies, she had 6 cavities!!
--Saturday night we met up with some friends to go bowling. I bowled a 53 and then a 60!! HORRIBLE. I used to bowl like a 130 or at least break 100 every time!
Sunday was nice because we had stake conference which meant 10am instead of 1pm and only 2 hours. Also meant no sunbeams!! This next Sunday will probably be our last sunbeam class.
--We had a good afternoon, made our Sunday tradition of Spaghetti and I finally called my mom and talked to her for an hour. Then we went over to Jen's to hang out and play games. Al and Steph and Steve came too. We played Mexican train with Dominoes, and then Sequence and a little bit of Texas Hold'em because Greg wanted to learn how to play. It was funny because Jen ended up winning all the chips all the time and she had just learned how to play!
--Monday we literally stayed in bed til noon--on our laptops and reading books. We got pretty hungry and ate breakfast and showered and then braved the outdoors--icky icky snow!! We had to get to Walmart for groceries.
--After getting everything put away, Scott did dishes for an hour and I cleaned up the rest of the apartment and did laundry. I can't for the life of me think of what else we did last night.

Anyway, it was a nice long weekend.

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