Thursday, November 29, 2007

WiSh LiSt

Sometimes people struggle with what to get me for Christmas, which boggles my mind, but in case you're wondering...I want/would like the following ;)

Pretty Necklace! Me want.

Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo 84-Ounce Pitcher
From Bed Bath and Beyond 19.99

Wooden Drawing Mannequin (this one is at PB teen)

I've always wanted one of these, the dog and cat are cute too, but I really just want the "human" one.


I only really wear earrings out of all the jewelry I have--I usually like simple sets, but I occasionally will get something dazzling, dangly or fun.


As always, CLOTHES and gift cards for clothes (I like Oldnavy)

Blue Stripe; M Scarlet red; L M ; Dark Sea Blue

Glass Bottles

Everyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE glass bottles. My collection is ever growing and I love adding new ones. These cute and colorful bottles are from Crate and Barrel (a fav store of mine)

(I also look in craft sections, Ebay, and Thrift stores for my bottles and vases)

Acoustic Guitar

(This one is from Target $39)

slow cooker
I like this black one, but I'll settle for any other one
if this one is hard to find. The silver and black ones look pretty nice too.

rice cooker

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