Monday, May 28, 2007

Hoblecreek Canyon and Guns Guns Guns...

Today, Al, Andrew, Scott, Me (Katie) and Nikki all went up to Hoblecreek Canyon to go shooting.

We had 2 old computer monitors, a couple old keyboards, a toaster, several empty glass bottles, a couple of shaken up cans of root beer, and a couple 2 liter bottles of root beer--shaken up of course, and a gallon of gasoline. Andrew has 2 hand guns and 2 shotguns. After setting up our "targets" Andrew showed us how to load and shoot the guns.

It was my first time shooting, but I still managed to damage a 2
liter bottle of pop and put some holes in a keyboard. We all took turns with all of the different guns, and shot up everything pretty good. Then for some more fun Drew made some Mazeltov cocktails--glass pop bottles with gasoline with a piece of paper--light the paper and then shoot the bottle. When the bottle gets hit there's a small explosion and it's pretty sweet!

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