Monday, April 30, 2007


So, Leslie (the non-roommate because she only slept here basically), Mallory, and Melissa all moved-out and headed out different directions. Lauren's mom is in town, and they left for the weekend to go up to see some family in Ogden. Scott was out of town too, visiting his grandparents 3 hours away in Altonah UT. Nikki and I were kind of lonely around here. The hustle and bustle was gone and everything is quiet. I foresee a lot of this quietness in the coming months. Hopefully we'll be busy with school and work though that we won't get bored. For me, at least, I've got an entire wedding to plan!

Speaking of which, We've decided on July 28th in the Mt Timpanogos Temple. We'll call to set the appointment up tomorrow--they aren't open on Mondays.

Scott and I drove up there yesterday. It's such a gorgeous temple!!
There must have been a thousand tulips! It was simply beautiful

I didn't think it would, but it really does feel different actually being engaged to Scott. Our relationship just feels solid, and it's a good feeling. We're just so happy, I can't wait to start this wonderful chapter in our lives!

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