Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Grand Affair

Scott's Aunt Carrol decided to put on a Spring Celtic Ball yesterday and invited Scott and a "special date" to come. I spent an hour and a half getting dolled up for the occasion, sporting curly hair put half up with little flower clips, a new black dress and lots of pearls. What can I say, I was gorgeous! ;) It was fun to get dressed up and see Scott do the same. I gave him a haircut too, yesterday so he was looking extra fine. We trekked our way to SLC, fighting some traffic, but not too much. We did get there 40 minutes after 6 when it supposedly started. We were seated in the front center table and the catering staff immediately brought out our salads. There was a good 15-20 minutes of entertainment--dancing Irish girls, cousins singing/dancing, violin, bagpipe, a video presentation and some other honors to members of the family. (though even after all that the real purpose of the ball was still a bit unclear). Nevertheless there were several things to get a kick out of. I just don't know if I should go into those details in this entry ;l The dinner was OK, a little weird, each plate had chicken and salmon, but there were also a mixture of little cut up pieces of different fruits or veggies? it was actually hard to tell. I liked the chicken and salmon though. After dinner, there was a group dance where one of the Irish dancers led a group Irish dance, which looked utterly confusing to learn and Scott, Darcy and I were grateful to have stayed in our seats!! Then all the real dancing started, with some odd selections of Irish songs. I think some of the "guests" were actually paid to encourage people to dance. Scott and I snuck away and took a walk outside in Temple Square. It was pretty romantic because he was dressed up and I was looking fabulous, and there were hundreds and hundreds of flowers, and of course the temple is always so amazing to look at and admire. We walked hand in hand, arm in arm and around. Scott said he wished he had a ring, and I just had to laugh because I agreed it was a pretty perfect setting. He gave me his suit jacket because it was chilly, won major points in Chivalry. We checked out the Tabernacle before going back to the party.
When we did go back, we were urged up to dance for one of the slow songs, we were the only ones on the floor for about a half a minute! And then to top that, the videographer guy was on us most of the time!! It was fun, but I'm definitely not a good dancer. It was funny though because once when we were dancing, Scott goes "I'm going to twirl you" and I said "no, no no" and I was laughing and he was like yes, I'm going to twirl you and he asked if I was ready and I said no, but he was going to do it anyway. So there I twirls and then back without any damage done. Scott and I decided it would be good to learn a couple steps so we can dance at our wedding without lookin like amateurs.
Overall, it was a good night, but then every night I get to get all dolled up is a good night ;)

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