Saturday, June 04, 2005

100+++ Things About Me.

(I just put this date on this post so it wouldn't show up in my current blogroll--written Spring 2009)

1. I grew up in Mentor OH, but I always tell people in the church--Kirtland, OH because that's where I worked and went to church.

2. I have 0+ blood

3. I hate getting my hands wet. Probably why I put off washing my dishes
--especially pots and pans.

4. I hate the sun.

5. I love cloudy days and rain.

6. I despise walking in snow slush with a fiery burning passion.

7. I have only lived in two states: Ohio and Utah

8. I have been to Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennslyvania, South Carolina, Tennesee, Texas, Utah, Virgina, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming... (yes, I sang the 50 Nifty United States song to remember all those.)

9. I have also been to Canada, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece (pictured), Grand Caymen, Cozumel (Mexico), Isla Roatan (Honduras), and Belize.

10. I would love to go to England, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand (pictured), Hawaii, Alaska, China, Japan, Mumbai (India), & a few more US states & cities: Washington, Oregon, Boston MA, NYC...

11. I love taking pictures

12. I love editing & playing with pictures

13. I want a puppy...someday.

14. I like cooking but collect more recipes than I will ever probably try.

15. I love broccoli

16. I am decent at cutting a straight line with scissors.

17. I hate my handwriting.

18. I hate talking on the phone. I avoid making phone calls until absolutely necessary.

19. I love my bed. So comfy!

20. I have read nearly every single Mary Higgins Clark novel.

21. I hate putting gas in the car.

22. I miss BYU. But I do not miss reading, tests, or the bazillions of papers I had to write.

23. I am pretty much a "B" student. I hate people that get 4.0s

24. I love to vacuum...I especially love when I can see dirt and junk on the floor and find joy in sucking it up, up and away!

25. I like recycling.

26. I MUST wash my hands after shopping before I touch or do anything else (even before unloading the groceries) I use germ-x before driving home, and then wash my hands immediately. Shopping carts really gross me out.

27. I love games--especially most board and card games, The Sims 2 (PC), Lego StarWars & Lego Batman & Lego Indiana Jones for XBOX 360, I also like lots of XBOX 360 arcade games.

28. I love blogging. I have 8 blogs on which I write --Smile Like You Mean It (main blog, our family, things i like, etc) A Piece of Kake (recipes/kitchen etc), Friends: Always & Forever (a blog i write on with friends to keep in touch), 2 different Harris Family blogs, The Pen is Mightier (my journaling blog), Katie's Klipboard (building it to sell things, not up yet), and my ward blog...I think that is all of them...OH, and I started blogging in 2005--BEFORE it was so ridiculously trendy.

29. I use SmugMug to store & back-up our photos. Losing pictures for one reason or another is a huge tragedy and literally makes me feel ill when it happens.

30. My favorite flowers are daisies (all varieties) and tulips.

31. I do not like red roses (i like other colored roses, but red roses are boring and cliche)

32. I can name several plants commonly found in restaurants and shopping malls thanks to a BYU class I took about Interior Landscaping.

33. I took 6 years of piano lessons, 2 years of Flute and 1 year of Viola and 1 spring semester of Guitar. I rarely practiced any of them and don't have much to show from learning these instruments, sadly.

34. Jack Johnson is my ultimate favorite music artist.

35. Dierks Bently and Josh Turner turned me on to Country Music and I now listen to country regularly on my Pandora (though I am still kind of picky with my country songs).

36. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 17

37. When I was growing up I was called the bag lady--I always had to have a purse or bag of sorts with me. I now have a huge collection of purses--mostly little handbags---but I rarely use them now that I'm dragging around a diaper bag. I need to upgrade to bigger purses : )

38. I have never touched or picked up a worm.

39. I love to snowboard. (but I haven't gone too much and I'm terrified of getting off the lift because i ALWAYS fall.) I fell so much when I was learning to snowboard that i got stress fractures in both my wrists and ended up skipping the last 2 classes.

40. I always fall asleep during Planet Earth.

41. I collect glass bottles. (Of all colors, sizes & shapes)

42. i like shopping alone when I have a list. Especially grocery shopping. If it's just shopping for the sake of shopping I like shopping with others. However, even though I prefer to go grocery shopping alone, I have only gone by myself a few times since being married. I do like it when my hubby comes to help.

43. i go crazy if there isn't a clock or a watch near by. I must know what time it is at all times.

44. i also HATE being late. So i am usually annoyingly on time to everything. When i am late it's usually because of someone else or something out of my control.

45. i hate blowing my nose. I had to force myself to do it though when I was pregnant because I had a stuffy nose during my entire pregnancy.

46. I have never had to go to the hospital for anything other than having my baby.

47. I Lettered in Academics and Tennis in high school.

48. I graduated half a year early from high school.

49. My favorite colors are chocolate brown, blue, green and orange.

50. I never wear perfume.

51. I love love love my wedding rings.

52. I get asked if I wear color contacts at least twice a month. I have very blue eyes. especially when i wear the right colors. & especially outside in natural light.

53. I never floss. It's just a habit I can't seem to make stick. (sorry, mom)

54. I love Dr Pepper

55. My dream jobs: An interior decorator, a florist, a wedding planner, a fabric or scrapbook paper designer, a photographer, or a photo-editor/paid photo shop-er.

56. I wear flip flops religiously in the summer.

57. I use a hair straightener on my hair nearly every day--I don't have curly hair, I just like how it smooths everything out.

58. I have had the same blow-dryer since high school--the Conair Ultra Quiet 1878. My mom bought it for me because I was waking her up with the other blowdryer when I got ready for early morning seminary. 7 years old & still works great.

[update: my blow-dryer died like 2 weeks after I wrote this! Suck! I totally jinxed it.]

59. I hate the beep on alarm clocks. I even cringe if I hear it on commercials. Fortuneately I don't hear it much these days because Luke wakes me up instead.

60. I love toast. I ate toast nearly every night that I was pregnant. and still eat it all the time.

61. I hate forwarded emails that tell me to forward it to 10 other people or basically I will die or lose all my money & friends. Annoying. and rude.

62. I listen to music using Pandora.

63. I love Gmail. I will never go back to any other email service and I don't understand how other people still use Hotmail or Yahoo. I hate both. Especially hotmail.

64. Starting in the Summer of '05 I started having photo shoots of myself using my webcam. I did at least one a month for over a year. I regret it now because the quality of the pictures is horrible and I wish I'd used a digital camera. I can't stand poor quality pictures anymore. But it was something fun I liked to do when I was bored or feeling particularly photogenic.

65. I hate folding and putting away laundry, but i like seeing clean piles of clothes stacked neatly in drawers or the closet.

66. I love giraffes, zebras and elephants. growing up I loved tigers and had several tiger posters and stuffed animals.

67. I would die if I didn't have a mirror to look in.

68. My favorite things were my "doll" Wanda, and my blue silky when I was little. I still have both. My blue silky is basically just a big square of blue silky fabric.

69. I majored in Home & Family Living (Family Life), but I was fully prepared to apply to the art program with a four year portfolio I'd worked on through high school. I never applied and to this day can't decide if that was a mistake or not. I do wish I'd applied to the photography program though.

70. I could never be a scrapbooker. I LOVE scrapbook paper and all the cute little embellishments, but I would hate to cut up my lovely paper for fear of making a mistake or ruining it with an ugly idea. I think I'm going to be more of a digital scrapbooker instead.

71. In the winter, I go to bed with socks on, but they don't stay on long. I kick them off and by the end of the week there is a pile of socks on the floor at the foot of the bed and a few loose socks in the bedding at the end of the bed.

72. I also hate tucking in the bed sheets and blankets at the end of the bed--i like to tuck the blankets and sheets around my feet instead. This annoys Scott because he likes the bedding tucked in to the mattress like normal people--but mostly he just laughs at me.

73. i love new pens and new notebooks

74. I always write lists for everything--to do, shopping lists, lists of things to do, etc. Lots of lists.

75. I am the shortest person in my immediate family at 5'5 & 3/4". My younger brother is the tallest at 6'3".

76. I can sew and get excited about sewing projects, but then when it comes to the actual sewing part I get very impatient and loathe it as i am doing it.

77. I like to go camping--even if it is just in the backyard

78. I do not like wind. A windy plus a sunny day equals the worst day ever.

79. I have an excellent memory. I also am pretty good with remembering people's names.

80. In my second year of college I would say that I wasn't a real college student because I didn't have an ipod, a cell phone or a laptop computer. My now hubby bought me an ipod for my birthday after we started dating, I eventually convinced my parents to get me a cell phone and i got a laptop (from hubby) for christmas for my last year of college.

81. I hate the live/concert versions of songs.

82. i never untie my shoelaces when I take off my shoes.

83. All the hangers in my closet are white.

84. I learned how to play ping pong from my hubby. We used to play a lot when we were dating.

85. I used to EBAY off a lot of my things. Now i list things craigslist or KSL classifieds.

86. i love cuddling and extra long hugs

87. I bug Scott by eating the neopolitan icecream one flavor at a time and digging out the chocolate chip cookie dough chunks.

88. I really like guacomole.

89. I watch Rachael Ray (the morning show) daily.

90. I don't mind waiting until a movie comes to the dollar theater or to DVD to see it.

91. I have a very creative mind. I'm constantly coming up with design ideas. If I put them in a notebook I'd probably have hundreds of notebooks. I'm great at coming up with the idea but lazy about actually creating my designs for real.

92. I have been cutting my husbands hair since we started dating.

93. I type at about 75wpm

94. I have had lots of jobs, but my favorite jobs were by far working at Jamba Juice and as a secretary in the Civil Engineering Department --both at BYU.

95. I like lots of color and patterns in my life.

96. I wear hard contacts. And hate them more than anything else. I wore soft contacts for about 10 years and then was told I needed to switch. I'm going to switch back.

97. I'm a hopeless romantic.

98. I am a definite homebody.

99. I like the smell of rubber cement and permanent markers.

100. I like going to bed early, but have a hard time actually making it into bed as early as I would like to.

101. Scott's and my "song" is Would You Go With Me, by Josh Turner.

102. Scott and I dated for 15 months, then were engaged for 3 more months before getting married.

103. I am not very good at Putt-Putt golf or bowling, but I still love to do both

104. I am a huge planner. I am not very spontaneous. I like to know what is coming so I can prepare for it. Scott is the exact opposite.

105. I have always liked the name Luke. I got a huge teddy bear from the bookstore Freshman year, and named it Luke. (He was my buddy until my roommate had a very bad day and a bunch of Dr Peppers exploded all over him.) Then i had a baby and named him Luke.

106. I told my mom when I was little I wanted 12 girls. Now I'll be happy if I can even make it to 4 kids. It be perfect if I had 2 boys and 2 girls. Guess that is yet to be determined...

107. I like mowing lawns and planting flowers.

108. I am adamant about taking off my shoes when I get home

109. I always wear toenail polish.

110. I am not too aggressive in conversations with big groups of people. I don't like having to work too hard to be part of a conversation. I'm perfectly happy being quiet and listening to everyone else.

111. I love when people ask me questions

112. I kept a journal every day from Nov 2005 to November 2006. It's been much harder to be so good about it since then. It was awesome though because I met Scott about then and it covers our dating life. It's fun to go back and read it. I have various journals from sporatic times growing up too--those are always fun and interesting as well.

113. I call 2005 the year of the boyfriends. I had my first BF in Jan, my 2nd BF during the summer, a 3rd BF in the Fall and then I met Scott that December. I dated in high school but not very much and didn't "go steady" with any of them.

114. I have over 130 books on Good Reads and continually am trying to remember books I've read and want to read.

115. I avoid getting my hair cut until I can stand it no longer. I never know if it's going to turn out to be good or if I'm going to hate it. I usually love it for 3 days and then hate it again.

116. I clean a lot faster and get a lot more done if I'm listening to music.

117. I have a hard time sitting still or standing in one place when I'm on the phone.

118. i HATE shopping for jeans. When I have to, and i finally found a pair i like, I buy 2 pair and wear them out!

119. I love dresses, though I only own 1-2

120. I haven't worn heels since being married.

121. I love to watercolor

122. I have moved a bag of round, flat rocks everywhere with me since I moved to Utah. I collected them in OH at Lake Erie and always planned on painting them. They still sit in my craft closet--unpainted.

123. I love Fall

124. I hate getting my hair wet when swimming.

125. I LOVE getting mail & packages.

126. I could watch any of these movies at any time and never get bored of them:
The Wedding Planner, That Thing You Do, While You Were Sleeping, Return To Me, Chocolat, Iron Man, PS I Love You, Dan in Real Life, Transformers, Just Like Heaven, The Island, Hitch, Serendipity, Big Fish, A Knight's Tale, The Counte of Monte Cristo, the Bourne movies...

127. I love polka dots

128. I am learning how to decorate cakes. Inspired by Ace of Cakes and the Challenge competitions on Food Network. (Thanks, mom, for getting me started!)

129. I hate licking envelopes.

130. I could eat French toast every. single. day.

131. I feel really awkward visiting people in the hospital.

132. I love using coupons.

133. I enjoy walks with my hubby in nice weather

134. I also like running with him--except for the running part. But I'd much rather run with him than run alone. He pushes me really hard too. That is always good no matter how much i complain.

135. I think fish are funny

136. The best sound in the world is the sound of a baby laughing

137. I always doodled in the margins of my notebooks in school. No margin was safe around me.

138. I like using brand new pencils

139. My hair ends up in a ponytail at some point in the day about 98.5% of the time.

140. I'm a sucker for a great love story.

141. i love the smell of rain and also of freshly cut grass.

142. I was house searching with my mom and realtor the day I "went into labor". (technically my water just broke--i never had any contractions until the Pitocin).

143. I found out the offer went through on the house we currently live in the day I left the hospital for Luke.

144. I have a hard time choosing paint colors. It's a lot of work and a big commitment and I have a big fear of choosing the wrong colors.

145. My favorite comics are Pearls Before Swine, Calvin & Hobbes, and Foxtrot

146. I was a wildflower guide in the 4th grade. We took small groups of the younger grades on walks through the woods behind our school and pointed out the names of the flowers and some stories behind the names.

147. I was 1 of 4 girls in the sports gym class in the 11th grade--the sports were football, baseball and volleyball--all of which I am horrible at and hate. I broke my left index finger playing football and had to learn how to do a one handed backhand in tennis because I was on the tennis team.

148. I hate driving. I always opt out of driving if I get the chance. I just can't stand traffic and bad drivers.

149. I like to read before bed.

150. I know a lot more than the average person about computers and technology due to the fact that my hubby loves to explain those kinds of things to me.

151. i wish my hair was wavier or curlier. I like to curl it but it takes forever--and with a baby I have only done it two or 3 times.

152. I make really good homemade pies.

153. I love Christmas time

154. I love IMing on the computer but not texting on a cell phone.

155. I did not go to my prom, nor to my high school graduation.

156. I like my bananas a bit on the greener side

157. I do not like bottled water

158. I am really good at keeping track of things. My hubby always asks me where he has left things and I usually always know where it is. My visual memory helps a lot.

159. I hate slow internet.

160. i eat chocolate at the end of every day.

165. I always drive at least 5 miles over the speed limit. I've only ever gotten 1 ticket--driving cross country (curse you, Iowa!)

166. I don't like spicy food

167. I tend to drool when I take naps.

168. My hubby proposed to me in a hot air balloon! It was on my life list.

169. I love getting mail--big or small, free samples or christmas packages, I love it ALL. I often order stuff online just so I can get mail :)

170. I love cool fonts.

171. I love being a brunette.

172. I love piggy banks. I don't collect them, but I think they are so cute!

173. I love thunderstorms

174. I look forward to my birthday every year, even when I don't have anything planned.

175. I often have to remind myself of my young age. I feel so much older sometimes.

176. I have a bookmarking problem. I see something I love online and I bookmark it. My bookmark folders are ridiculously out of hand.

177. I love my bike! (it looks like this but it's green instead of blue)
It was my 21st birthday surprise from Scott and my brothers. I totally didn't think I was going to get it--but they got it for me! It's way cooler than all the other beach cruisers out there because it actually has hand breaks and gears! I wish I had more opportunities to ride it. Someday I'm sure Luke will love riding a bike and we shall ride together--can't wait!

178. I've wanted a sewing machine for a long time. I finally got one for my birthday.

179. I don't even come close to making my bed every day. sometimes though I'll make it with me still in it--I kick the blankets and sheets into place while I'm still inside.

180. I like to take cool showers at night in the summer. Get clean and cooled off before drifting off to dreamland.

181. i hate hate HATE Styrofoam. uggh.

182. Ditto #181 with SLUSH. Gross icky nasty wet slush.

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  1. Wow I loved this. I could comment on a million of them.
    I love getting mail too!
    fish are funny.
    keep adding more, this is great!


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